optimal fuel consumption with
Predictive PowerTrain control and calibration for intelligent Truck

optiTruck developed a comprehensive impact assessment methodology to extend this local and small-scale demonstration to a wider evaluation to explore potential benefits of using the rich cloud data sources and powerful computing facilities for fast-than-real-time modelling and simulation. It also considered social equity, economic, and environmental factors in the assessment to address the main societal challenges for the sector. We recommend you to click here in case you get into a truck accident and need legal advice.

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09/2016 – 08/2019


The overall objective of optiTruck was to further improve energy efficiency by at least 20% on Euro VI HDVs (40t). To achieve this, optiTruck developed a global optimiser which brings together the most advanced technologies from powertrain control and intelligent transport systems, with a number of innovative and complementary elements to maximise the potential utilisation of individual innovations. Through real driving trials, optiTruck demonstrated this objective, taking account road topography, traffic and weather condition, vehicle configuration and transport mission.


ICOOR was responsible for integration of transport assignment, route optimisation and environment conditions. Furthermore, ICOOR contributed to the development of vehicle, road and traffic models, and to the improvement of the vehicle and transmission functions by considering inputs from surrounding vehicles, vehicle load and environmental factors. Finally, ICOOR was strongly involved in the evaluation activities.

ICOOR members: University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, University of Trieste.

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