The Smart Model Area

On Friday 15 May 2020 ICOOR attended the MASA digital day.

Masa is the first “open air” test bed for the experimentation and certification of autonomous driving and connected driving technologies (vehicles, components and services) that interact with other vehicles, with infrastructures and with other elements of the urban space.

The event was full of demonstrations and thematic web meetings. The goal was to present autonomous driving systems, intelligent mobility, digital infrastructures, and cybersecurity topics.

The MASA event was characterized by 3 main sessions:

     – introductions & greetings;

     -“connectivity and smart mobility” dedicated to the applied technologies for    autonomous driving;

     -“sustainable urban mobility”, dedicated to the effects of new technologies on future mobility.

The MASA is an urban area within the city of Modena endowed with the infrastructures necessary for the experimentation of vehicles equipped for autonomous driving. In the area you can find the following tested technologies:

     -Interconnected traffic lights;

     -digital signposting;

     -cameras for the recognition of obstacles;


     -smart monitoring.

Thanks to the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, as ICOOR we have several connections with the Modena Automotive Smart Area. Modena is, in fact, the ideal choice for autonomous driving pilots.

As ICOOR, in collaboration with MASA, we can offer:

  • deals to create a connection with government, municipality and with Maserati;
  • competences especially in edge computing software to reduce latency in 4G, 5G, V2v and autonomous vehicle management.

Are you interested in knowing more about MASA or you would like to have Modena as the perfect pilot site for autonomous driving? Contact us at, we will be glad to answer all your questions and curiosities.