ICOOR at the EUCAD Conference 2023 Discussing the future of CCAM

On the 3 rd and 4 th of May 2023, the EUCAD2023 conference took place in Brussels, EU.  EUCAD is the international conference about Connected and Automated Driving which follows the lines of the European Green Deal and the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy.

The strategic goal for the future of mobility is indeed centred around the development of means of transport which are smart, safe, and sustainable . The event gathered EU institutions, political leaders, and researchers alike to discuss and develop current and future CCAM solutions. The focus has been placed around latest  researchR&I developments and CCAM challenges .

The thematic areas of the conference touched all aspects related to Connected and Automated Mobility. From policy and regulations needs to new mobility services and business models. From the interaction of digital and physical infrastructure to freights and logistics. Each thematic area has been linked to current European projects investigating that topic. 

ICOOR contributed to many of the dedicated European projects such as: 5G-CARMEN, 5G-LOGINNOV, 5G-META etc. ICOOR  participated to the EUCAD2023 conference represented by Giulia Renzi, project manager and technical coordinator of the  SINFONICA project, indeed the same project was presented at the EUCAD2023 conference during the session  BO4 called “Empowering society: the transition towards inclusive CCAM solutions”.

SINFONICA project, coordinated by ICOOR, is a project focused on understanding the needs, expectations and concerns related to  CCAM from the point of view of its users. The innovation that SINFONICA wants to bring to the research on  CCAM technologies is the societal points of view regarding CCAM challenges and potential with a special focus on those stakeholders’ categories belonging to vulnerable groups. Given the relevance EU policies address towards inclusiveness and democratic practices,  SINFONICA has the resources to become a valuable reference for policy making and researchers alike.

During the EUCAD2023 conference, the SINFONICA  project was presented by its technical coordinator and project manager Giulia Renzi. The presentation took place during the session moderated by Ingrid Skogsmo, Senior Research Leader, VTI. The sessions addressed the socio-economic effects linked to the digitalisation and automation of the means of transport and what this means for mobility stakeholders. During the session, former and future use cases were examined. Among the panellists there were Gustaf Ulander – City of Skelleftea – , Giulia Renzi – ICOOR – , Natalie Teer – Easymile – , Ralf Brand – Rupprecht -, Pedro Homem de Gouveia – Polis Network -. 

The EUCAD2023 conference was a unique opportunity to discuss the current and future challenges related to  CCAMand CCAM users. Given the experience and focus ICOOR places on EU projects, logistics and sustainable mobility, it was crucial to participate to the event to brainstorm with like minded professionals and organisations so to strengthen partnerships and create new links to ensure being at the forefront in the future technology  and societal developments in EU and beyond.