Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure for improved User Experience

The sales of electric vehicles (EVs) are increasing but their drivers still encounter problems to find appropriate charging options. The vision of eCharge4Drivers is to focus on the users and substantially improve the EV charging experience within cities and on long trips, making it better than refuelling an ICE vehicle.

LC-GV-03-2019 – User Centric Charging Infrastructure

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06/2020 – 05/2024

  • Capture the a priori users’ perceptions and expectations as regards the various charging options and their mobility and parking habits;
  • Develop and demonstrate in 10 areas easy-to-use, scalable and modular, high and low-power charging stations and components with improved connection efficiency and standardised stations for LEVs;
  • Demonstrate additional convenient charging options within cities;

Propose an EV Charging Location Planning Tool to determine the optimum mix of charging options to cover the user needs, reccomendations for legal and regulatory harmonisation and guidelines for investors and authorities for the sustainability of charging infrastructure and services.


ICOOR is the leader of WP1 “A priori users’ concerns, perceptions and expecations”: we have a great experience in formulating detailed study questions in order to identify qualitative and quantitative Key Performance Indicators.

ICOOR will contribute in t3.6 “Planning Method and Tool”: being experts in mathematical modelling , optimization and definition of algorithms, ICOOR’s members are more than qualified for planning methods and tools within this project.

We are leader of t4.3 “Enhanced route planners”: we have competencies in developing sophisticated Optimization algorithms also dealing with big data.

We are leader of t6.1 “Methodology for impact assessment”: one of ICOOR’s main strengths is to be able to carry out an  evaluation of a project for impact assessment establishing a clear and effective methodology.

Finally, we are supporting the demonstrations in Northern Italy, managing people, organisations and events.

ICOOR members: University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and Polytechnic University of Milan.

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