Advanced Safety and Driver Support for Essential Road Transport

The ASSET aim was to contribute substantially to the improvement of safety in the field of sustainable road transportation.

As the European objectives of integration and economic growth are achieved, there is a corresponding vigorous growth in road traffic volumes. This results in congestion and increased numbers of road fatalities.

The objective of the ASSET project was to reverse these negative effects by developing several promising technologies and integrating them into a new holistic approach to road safety. Integrated architectures were developed to facilitate the exchange of secure information between road, vehicle and driver.

Something to Know About ASSET




07/2008 – 08/2011


During this project there was a particular focus on the Human Machine Interface:

  • developing supporting systems that pass on safety-critical information to the driver.
  • Improving drivers’ knowledge and behaviour.
  • Increase automation and traffic control for safety/efficiency.
  • Innovative measures for safe and sustainable infrastructure.

Within the ASSET project, ICOOR was the WP 3 Leader – Innovative Solution Improved Driver Behaviour Compliance.

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