advanced platform for manufacturing engineering and Product Lifecycle Management

Product and production engineering in companies are typically fragmented across different functional units, distributed across companies along the value chain, requiring input from experts from a variety of disciplines using different methods and tools. 

This leads to a high coordination effort to synergise work and information transfer as well as to sub-optimal decisions and unused knowledge and experiences. The resulting waste in engineering processes results in an unnecessary lengthening of time-to-market and time-to-production of new products and to a loss of competitiveness of European companies. 

The knowledge-driven amePLM-platform drastically accelerated product and production engineering by integrated workflows, capturing and reuse of knowledge and experiences and by facilitating cross-disciplinary knowledge-sharing and collaboration. 

Something to Know About amePLM


FP7 FOF-ICT-2011 Digital factories: Manufacturing design and product lifecycle management


10/2011 – 09/2014


ICOOR was the leader of one task concerning the simulation activities, one related to the pilot case implementation and validation and, finally, ICOOR was the dissemination leader of the whole project. 

ICOOR Members: Polytechnic of Turin, University of Trieste.

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