Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure for improved User Experience

The 5GMETA objective is to create a flexible telematics platform for pipelining car captured and generated data to traditional and new automotive industry players while ensuring data privacy, security, interoperability and ownership.

5GMETA flatten barriers to create innovative data-based CAM services and applications producing new revenue flows, reducing costs and enforcing safety to application users. 5GMETA has a business-driven design with APIs and architecture for fast prototyping, training and operation of new services. 5GMETA intends to define a data monetization model compatible with OEMs, TIER1, SMEs and high-tech start-ups, and data licenses to keep users’ control and limit commercial and geographical use.

5GMETA will realise representative demonstrators in terms of data heterogeneity, value creation and business models to ensure that third parties and new players’ interests and requirements are considered beyond traditional automotive industries.

5GMETA will focus on technology transfer activities performing different dissemination, tutorials and hackathons to incubators and clusters to capture attention of SMEs and high-tech start-ups with a platform leading to new opportunities in an incoming profitable market.




09/2020 – 08/2023

  • 5G meta car data slicing platform;
  • Innovative CAM services & apps;
  • Catalyse business opportunities;
  • Define new business models;
  • Exploit a 5G edge infrastructure for data marketplaces.

ICOOR will bring a crucial role in the consortium thanks to its expertise on the development of Real Time Systems and the integration of Software/Hardware on the Car. Therefore, it will be involved in the following tasks:

• ICOOR will contribute in all WPs but mainly in WP3, WP4 & WP5 which are more in line with its own expertise and research interests.

• ICOOR will lead the WP5.

• ICOOR will lead one of the use-case, namely the Increasing Safety & Driving Awareness UC.

• ICOOR will provide the Maserati Cars and the MASA test field for the real experiment and validation of the Increasing Safety & Driving Awareness UC. Also, preliminary exploration and validation of other use cases will be possible, if required by partners during the development process.

• ICOOR will integrate the communication devices in the car and its on-board system. The communication devices will be provided by LINKS Foundation, which is another partner of the project.

• ICOOR will develop several solutions related to the proposed UC and based on the CityBox embedded device, through its collaboration with several SMEs.

ICOOR member involved in the project: Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia.